Justa Wonder Girl, aka Pearl. 
Pearl is a very pretty and very stout 2003 AQHA perlino mare. She has the sweetest temperament, is very laid back and easy to get along with. As you can see, she is a perlino, meaning she is a double dilute for the cream gene and she is out of two duns in which she also carries the dun gene. She will only produce palomino, buckskin, Grulla, perlino, cremello, dunalino,dunskin or smokey black foals depending on the base color of the stallion she is bred with. Pearl has an awesome pedigree that includes, Sonny Dee Bar, Impressive, Obvious Conclusion and Otoe's Wonder along with some Skipper W. She is HYPP N/N & 5 panel N/N.  Pearl has given us several very nice foals: a 2007 smokey black filly, a 2008 stunning buckskin tobiano colt, then a 2009 huge Buckskin overo colt, a 2011 stunning Buckskin filly, a 2012 buckskin filly and a Buckskin tobiano colt.  Pearl is not for sale as we feel she is just too valuable of a broodmare to let go, we sold her once and really regretted it, so bought her back and she will be with us forever. Currently Pearl is being bred to our Cremello stallion for a double Dilute AQHA foal.
Her 2007 filly by Shots Flying Spark
Her 2008 colt by Shots Flying Spark
Her 2009 colt by Rapt In The USA
Pearl's sire: Just A Dun Deal
Her 2011 filly by Rapt In The USA
Her 2012 filly by Mighty Costly
Pearl's 2011 filly at her first 4-H show!!! Pictured around 14 months!
Her 2017 Buckskin Tobiano Colt by Justin.