Citas Flying Spark
AKA Cita -APHA Black and white tovero, Homozygous for the tobiano Gene & the black gene!! Put some color on your babies!! Shots Flying Spark, Leo San Cita, Brother Can and The Continental bred. Cita produces consistent quality! Neg 5 Panel Tested, Does carry the LWO gene.  Cita's babies all are not only gorgeous, but are super willing and smart. Some of the easiest foals I have worked with!
Our Stallions are selected for their temperaments, conformations, bloodlines and lastly color producing abilities!  Breed your special mare to produce your own awesome foal or select from one of our available babies!! We have several awesome mares with foals by these stallions available. Live foal guarantee is given on every breeding and multiple mare discounts offered. All mares must be DNA parentage verified and be 5 panel N/N tested before breeding. Mare care is 10.00 per day dry/ 15.00 per day wet (with foal).
First Gold Express
Aka Cowboy - AQHA Cremello. We were so excited to have the opportunity to add Cowboy to our ranch. Cowboy is super sweet and wiling to please! Double bred The Investor on his papers as well as Zippo Pat Bars! He is showing us he consistently outproducing him and that his foals are very conformationally correct, willing and easy to train! 6 Panel N/N.