Reddick Ranch Services
We offer many types of services to help you accomplish your goals. No matter where your horse is currently at in it's training or condition, we can assist you at an affordable rate. Our services range from breeding, to birthing, halter breaking, ground work as well as arranging transport and Mexico customs clearance.  We use resistance free training methods, mostly following John Lyons methods. We have been working with horses for the past 25 years and have worked with almost every type of horse at every level of training. Specializing in horses who have issues that need to be addressed. Horses are worked and handled daily  Spaces are limited, contact me for availability and to discuss a customized plan for your needs. 
Birthing mares and imprinting foals- We offer a full sevice facility to bring your new foal into this world. Mares must be current on all vaccines /coggins and be brought to our facility 15-60 days before due date. Foals will be imprinted, haltered, leading, standing tied by 2 months old, if left that long. If left an additional month then they will be also loading in a trailer. We have an excellent vet on call at all times. Fee includes all feed, hay, supplements for mare and foal, wormer and farrier trims.  Prices varies depending on your needs. 
Weanling training - includes halter acceptance, leading, moving over, forward and back on command, respecting handler's space, loading in a trailer, picking up hooves, standing tied and accepting human handling and basic grooming. This includes all feed, hay, supplements, wormer and farrier trims, also a lesson to owner on foal handling. This service is also a great way to wean your foal without having the problem of having foals or mares bust through fences or stalls to get to each other.
Yearling training - includes halter breaking, leading, lounging, loading in a trailer, picking up hooves, standing tied, basic round pen work, to accept a light saddle without resitance to respect human handling and basic grooming. This includes all feed, hay, supplements, wormer and farrier trims. 
We offer local and long distance transportation at a reasonable fee. Including emergency vet transporting at all hours. If you have a horse that needs emergency hauling, contact me via phone at 936-327-9284 or 936-433-4198. Fees for emergency or immediate transport are slightly higher than our normal rates. Email or call me for transport quotes. Minimum fee is $50.00. 
Horse sales appraisals and evaluations. This service includes going to see your horse, getting all information on the horse, researching pedigrees, evaluating horses training and giving you a fair market value of the horse. Be prepared for a honest evaluation based on market trends, training and condition of the horse. Evaluations include a complete report on things to help you sale your horse. 
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Sales conditioning and fitting. (not halter fitting, however most will look halter fit after we are done) If you have a horse that is thin in poor shape or just out of shape, let us help you condition that horse to give it the best appearance it can have. We specialize in getting horses in thin or poor shape back into show horse condition! Fee includes all feed, hay, supplements, wormer and farrier trims. It can also include a listing on our website to help you sell your horse. Fee varies depending on horse's needs.  
Quarantine, Customs preparation and arranging transport for horses going into Mexico. This service will hand walk your horse through the customs requirements  and regulations as well as arrange all need paperwork. Contact me with your needs and I will be more than happy to give you a great quote for this service!
We have worked with several abused as well as some wild mustangs and problem horses. These horses need ground work in regaining trust with and around humans.  We can help you re-establish that trust bond with your horse, working on just about any kind of ground manners.  Contact me for this special service, we do have references and examples of our work and what you can expect. 
Please note, you do not see any saddle training listed, we do not offer saddle work on any outside horses at this time.  I am working on my own horses this year and will be booked for the remainder of the year.