Our Foals
All our foals are imprinted at birth and are handled every day. They are taught to lead, move forward, back, move over, stand tied, to load and unload in a trailer, pick up their hooves as well as basic grooming. We sincerely feel that these are the basics that every horse should know and provide our foals with the building blocks for a successful future. These basics are instilled in them every day with the hopes that our training will last them a life time of patience and trust with humans. With that said, remember these are babies, they are not fully trained seasoned horses. They are still learning and will continue to need you to reinforce training and giving them new exposures. 
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Sire - Cita, Double homozygous black and white tovero - Shots Flying Spark & Brother Can bred
Check out our 2018 foal line up below!! Our foals will start arriving throughout April! We are so excited and will update pics as they are born!! We are only expecting 3 this year and they are selling quickly! 
Dam - Sparkle, 16h APHA sorrel Tovero mare, Own daughter of Shots Flying Spark out of an own daughter of Calico Sonny.
Sire - Cowboy, AQHA Cremello, Double bred The Investor stallion, Half brother to Invest in Rodeo. 
Sparkle is due in April. She had a stunning palomino overo filly from this cross last year that sold the day she was born. We have high hopes for another wonderful foal from these two this year!
Dam - Miss Mac, 15.2 hand AQHA Grulla, Boston Mac and Investor bred.
Athena - April 2018 black tobiano filly out of Miss Mac and sired by Cita. I had originally kept this filly back to keep as a rider for myself, however family medical issues are consuming my time, so I would rather see her with a good home to give her more time. This filly is super smart, very willing and very athletic. She definitely got Cita's wonderful temperament and sweet lil lope! Available at 2400.00 
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Our Ranch has offered interest free payment plans for any of our horses for the past 20 plus years. With our foals, there is no board or fees, unless you don't pick up your foal when weaned. We only required a signed contract along with a 500.00 deposit to hold a foal of your choice. After that, we divide the balance into monthly payments until the foal is weaned and ready for you to pick them up. If left here after weaning, board will apply at 250.00 per month. We wean our foals around 5 months of age. Let me know if your interested in this option and we will get you taken care of! 
Sire - Cita, Double homozygous black and white tovero - Shots Flying Spark & Brother Can bred