Miss Myte Fine, aka Myte (Mighty)
Myte is a bay solid APHA mare. She was started under saddle at 3 yrs old to be my personal riding mare, however due to very tender hooves we added her to our brood band.  She is not for sale at any price so please don't ask. Myte has the best temperament, the gentlest nature and is the most dependable mount I have ridden, she can be pulled straight out of the pasture once or twice and year and be the same each time. She is all heart and willingness. She is 15.1 hands, very athletic, sometimes a bit lazy, lol, and weighs about 1000 lbs. She produces foals that perform well in roping, barrels or Western pleasure/Western trail. She passes her excellent disposition and conformation on all her foals. Myte has a stunning head, two pretty blue eyes, has a deep chest, a very nice hip with great gaskins and forearms. She also has an excellent pedigree, own daughter of Calico Sonny, APHA World Champion, by Sir Sonny Go by  AQHA Champion Sonny Go Lucky on her top side. On her bottom side she is out of an grand daughter of Tardy Too, AQHA multiple world champion and champion producer. Watch our foal's pages for your opportunity to obtain one of her awesome foals, they go quickly after they are born. Other than being a broodmare, Myte's second job is toting around my grandson with a halter and lead rope in the yard and we have taken her out to the woods on sandy trails a handful of times to babysit some novice/beginner riders.  More recently we took Myte to her first ever ACTHA event in summer of 2014 with no obstacle training in it at all, she won 1st place and two second places! In 2016 after losing my show mare, Lilly, I opted to take Myte to a ACTHA show that I had entered my other mare in before she passed, and in a very large class she won 5th place and then 3rd place! I was so impressed by our judges comments, almost all had commented on our special bond that was easy to see. We earned several judges picks that day too! After that show, I decided to train Myte in trail obstacle work. Who says you can't teach an old mare new tricks? Myte continued to amazing me in how fast she learned, how willing she was and mostly how much she would give to me, no matter what I asked. We entered many ETS (Equine Trail Sports) shows after I had taught her some basics, started off in Novice class and ended up riding in Advanced class, by the end of 2016, with only half of a show season, Myte had earned two belt buckles for All Around High Point, tons of ribbons, her Silver carrot award with ETS and we ended the season in 1st place in Intermediate division in our district (All of TX, LA, AR & Ok). In the Nation Myte ended up in 6th place in Intermediate division, not too shabby for a ridden every once in a while broodmare!! Myte is truly a testament on the temperament and willingness we strive for in our horses!! 
2001 Solid Black colt by black and white tovero stallion. 
2003 Solid sorrel filly by black and white tovero stud.
2004 Solid Sorrel colt by Sorrel AQHA stud 
See her foals shown below
2007 Tovero sorrel filly by Shots Flying Spark.
2008 Tobiano black filly by Citas Flying Spark.
Calico Sonny
Tardy Too
Sonny Go Lucky
2009 Tovero bay filly by Citas Flying Spark.
With broken hearts we sadly announce the loss her 2011 filly by Citas Flying Spark. A lethal white filly that lived less than 8 hours before we had to euthanize her.
2012 Tovero bay colt by Citas Flying Spark.
2019 Solid buckskin colt by Justa Flying Spark.