Myte Bodacious, aka Bo, 2003 APHA solid sorrel mare. Bo was born at our ranch and sold as a weanling, however through a series of events we acquired this mare back after her owner could no longer care for her after she recieved a crippling injury. Their vet had  recommended that she be euthanized since she was a breeding stock and had two snapped tendons in her legs. We took over Bo's care as well as vet expenses and brought her back to health, it was a long haul. Due to her previous injuries she is not rideable for heavy use or a heavy rider, she might be fine for lead line light weight work, however with her wonderful pedigree she will make an awesome broodband. We feel with her temperament, heart and willingness she will be a definite bonus to any ranch! She stands just over 16 hands and her pedigree includes, Mr Danger Three, APHA World Champion in racing, Slow Danger, APHA World Champion in Racing, Canales Christy, AQHA Racing Champion, Calico Sonny, APHA World Champion in Halter, all these are on this mare's three generation papers, just off her papers is Sonny Dee Bar and Tardy Two.
Update - With very heavy hearts we are beside ourselves to announce that we lost Bo on Valentine's day 2012. She started having massive multiple organ failure for unknown reasons that our vet could find. With very sad hearts we had to euthanize her. We were blessed twice to have her in our lives and hearts and she will be truly missed!
Below are pics taken of Bo when she was just a day or two old. You can see how trusting and loving she was from birth!!
This is her wonderful Sire, Three To Get Ready
Below and to the right are pics taken of Bo when she was just about 3 months old and just before she was sold.
This is her awesome Dam, Miss Myte Fine
Below are pics of Bo a year after her recovery here. Finally fat and healthy!!
Bo had her first baby!!! A stunning Bay Roan Tobiano colt  by Citas Flying Spark.