A preview of a few of horses that we have raised and/or Sold here at Reddick Ranch - Page 1
Easy, earned his ROM in reining with less than a year of training, also doing very well in NBHA! Son of Three to Get Ready out of an Easy Jet mare! 
Amigo, a horse that ate cattle for lunch! Out of a Son Of Adios Amigos & out of Classy to your left. 
Baby, AQHA palomino mare, produced two very nice foals for us and was a great reining and trail mare!
Sugar, APHA chestnut filly, Dam - Baby to the left and sire - Hanks Super Bars, see above. 
Vanity, APHA palomino colt, Dam was Baby to the left and sire was Three to Get Ready, see above. 
Krystal, AQHA Black mare, We started her under saddle & she became a great western pleasure & Western trail mare!
Classy, AQHA grey mare, We had several nice foals from Classy as well as really enjoyed riding this mare, She was a true cadillac of a ride, everything was automatic with her! 
Hank, APHA colt, this boy was almost 14 hands at just 6 months old!!  Dam - Classy, Sire, Hanks Super Bars
Domino, APHA colt, Another huge colt by Classy. This was her last foal as we lost her during his birth. I raised him as my baby. He matured over 16 hands so when they tell you that orphaned foals will be stunted, it is just not always the case. Sire - Three To Get Ready. 
Coco, AMHA stud, This was a cute little mini that we found starved and foundered. He was a rescue, it took over a year to straighten out his hooves. He went on to his new home healthy and happy to have his own little band of mares!
Dee, APHA mare, Nice big mare that rode very well. Dee had a gorgous buckskin colt for us! 
Tee, APHA buckskin colt, Tee shown here with one of new owners. Dam - Dee, Sire Temons Gold Card.
Fred, Pinto gelding, Another of my rescue projects. He was thin and abused when we found him. We fattened him up and put him under saddle, he went on to become a great flag/playday horse for a little girl.  
Hanks Super Bars, APHA stallion. We raised Taz from 6 months old, trail rode this young stud and found him tireless. We had several nice foals from him before he went on to become an Endurance horse in Colorado. Taz was 16.3 hands and all heart!! 
Honey, APHA sorrel mare, Heck of nice broodmare.
Spencer, APHA sorrel colt, Dam- Honey to the left. 
Sunny, APHA yearling filly, Gorgous filly, we didn't have her here long enough to put her under saddle. 
Ruler, APHA mare with her filly. We rescued this mare at an auction. An own daughter of Bold Ruler, she earned about 10k on the track herself and we retrained her into an awesome western pleasure mare. Funny I know, but she had the natural gait and temperament for it! The filly shown is out of Hanks Super Bars shown above. 
Sandy, APHA mare. Yet another rescue from the auction. We fattened her up and sent her on to her new home to be used for a broodmare. 
Above are pics of Shark, TB mare and her APHA filly, Olive Oil. Yes, she was another rescue. This poor old mare had a popped out knee and loss of one eye from her previous brutal home. I went to look at another horse and they told me I could have Shark if I wanted her as they could not feed her or have any foals from her (funny as the other horses looked fed). She was so thin & pathetic I could not leave her there. I took her home, watched over this mare daily for weeks thinking she would die anyday. With some TLC,  she recovered and gave me an awesome surprise filly the following year. The filly is by Hanks Super Bars shown above.  
Three To Get Ready, APHA black & white stallion. Three is an own son of World Champion racing stallion,  He produced many nice foals for us before going on to New Mexico to continue breeding racing paints!
Tuffy, AQHA mare that we leased, trained and bred. 
Phenomenal Cajun, AQHA sorrel stallion. Cajun is an own son of 13x World Champion producer  The Phenomenal, by Kid Clu on his top side and out of an own daughter of Impressive on his bottom side. He gave us several nice foals before his untimely death.
Sparky, APHA black & white stallion. Sparky  A double homozygous grandson of 2x Reserve World Champion, Shots Flying Spark. He gave us a few foals before going on to France to breed reining paints in Europe! 
To the right is CJ, APHA red roan sabino stallion. A really sweet Jetalito/Sonny Dee Bar bred stud that  gave us several nice foals. CJ was a rescue that I did and so much was worth the effort. This sweet stallion knew he had been rescued and was forever grateful! 
Cheyenne, AQHA mare. Gay Bar King and Skipa Star daughter! Great riding mare that gave us a couple nice foals!  See her daughter shown to the right.
Star, AQHA mare. Daughter of Cheyenne shown to the left, born, raised and trained here at our ranch.  
Wrench, AQHA colt. Kid Clu grandson.  
Cocoa, AQHA mare. Easy Jet mare that we rescued and trained.  
Lady, Quarter mare. that we also rescued and trained.  
Sister, APHA mare. that we raised and had a nice foal from, see her colt to the right. 
Buddy, APHA colt. Son of Phenomenal Cajun and Sister to the left. 
Delight, APHA mare. That we had a few nice foal from, see her foals to the right. Dee went to Mexico and became a  multiple Grand Champion halter earner!   
Bonnet, APHA mare. Daughter of Delight and own daughter of World Champion Impressive Return.  
Heart, APHA mare. Daughter of Delight and own daughter of Three To Get Ready.
Ema, AQHA palomino mare. Another rescue mare we got and had a really nice foal from. See her filly to the right.   
Sweetie Pie, AQHA sorrel filly. Out of Ema and Phenomenal Cajun.     
Sonny, APHA bay filly. Grand daughter of Hot Scotch Man. She went on to become a reiner.   
Miss Texas 2001, AQHA sorrel mare. Yet another rescue mare we got and trained. An own daughter of Coolest.
Spot, APHA sorrel stallion. Nice halter yearling that we sold in Mexico. Spot earned Grand Champion in halter multiple times!
Cracker, APHA bay roan gelding. Own son of Delta Flyer. 
Noble Grace, AQHA sorrel mare. An own daughter of Noble Tradition out of an Impressive daughter.
Victory, AQHA sorrel mare. Dash for Cash granddaughter. She was another of our rescues after she was abandoned after her owner went to prison.
Jack Sprat, AQHA sorrel colt. Out of Victory to the right and Phenomenal Cajun.  
BG, APHA sorrel mare that we raised and have here. Out of Phenomenal Cajun and Sassy. 
Divinity, APHA sorrel filly. Out of Phenomenal Cajun and Bonnet. 
Lilly, APHA sorrel filly. Out of Phenomenal Cajun and Bonnet. 
Miracle, APHA sorrel colt. Out of Bonnet and CJ. 
Rapt in Obsession, APHA sorrel filly. Out of Bonnet and Rapt In The USA. 
FlashNDash, APHA sorrel filly. Out of Flashee 
Dash of Sparks, APHA bay roan colt. Out of Flashee, to the right and Shots Flying Spark, 2x Reserve World Roping Champion. 
Flashee, APHA sorrel mare. She gave a couple really nice foals and is a great kids horse!
Myte Phenomenal, APHA sorrel colt by Miss Myte Fine and Phenomenal Cajun. 
Myte Bodacious, APHA sorrel filly by Miss Myte Fine and Three To Get Ready. 
Myte Fine Valentine, APHA black colt by Miss Myte Fine and Three To Get Ready. 
Myte Fine Spark, APHA sorrel filly by Miss Myte Fine and 2x Reserve World Roping Champion, Shots Flying Spark. 
Citas Fine Spark, APHA black filly by Miss Myte Fine and Citas Classic Spark. 
Poptart, APHA red sabino filly by Pretty Prestigious and CJ. 
Rapt in Prestige, APHA sorrel filly by Pretty Prestigious and Rapt In The USA.