The poem below titled " Horse", was sent to me by one of our clients. It touched me in so many ways in it's pure love for  horses. For all of you who have and love horses, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
For those of you who have a hard time reading the text in the poem,  then look beyond the picture as I have written the text below. Thanks,
You cannot remain unmoved by the gentleness
and conformation of a well-bred and well-trained
     More than a thousand pounds of big boned, well
muscled animal......slick of coat and sweet of smell...
obedient and mannerly and yet forever  a menace with
its innocent power  and incredible inclination to seek
refuge in flight ... and always a burden with its need
to be fed  .... wormed ... and shod ....with its liability
to cuts and infections ... to laming and heaves.
     But when it greets you with a nicker .....  nuzzles
your chest, and regards you with a large and liquid
eye .....
The question of where you want to be and what you
want to do has been answered.