Poem To My Husband
Author: Betty Ericson Jones, Copyright 1998

It's possible, probable, and likely to be that you'll never
comprehend the nature of me.
A wife who's obsessed and a little bit crazed over four legged
creatures that whinny and neigh.

Our lifestyle is hectic (a little bizarre) - I wanted a diesel and
never a car.

There are needles and vaccines that fill up our fridge,
and the date on the yogart would sure make you cringe.

The halls and the closets are cluttered all up with leg wraps
and blankets and all kinds of junk.

Our meal time is held up at least twice a week, just so
my horses have plenty to eat.

With hay in my pockets and manure on my jeans -
you wonder have you ever seen your wife clean.

There're buckets and rakes and feed sacks galore -
Our yard is a mess - need I say more?

From the trailer there are shavings dumped out on the grass,
and it's blocking the driveway so no one can pass.

You are patient and calm most of the days,
except when our bills are absently paid.

I know it's confusing and hard to accept,
That probably never our house will be kept -
totally spotless and organized right.
And our dinner most likely will be late tonight.

Sweetheart, I love you, (in spite what you say)
but I'm thinking of horses all night and all day.

Don't doubt my devotion, what I do is no harm.
And you know if you need me I'll be down at the barn.