Justin had his first breeding year in 2011. We have only bred him to our own mares to see what he could throw and we have been astounded by the consistency in conformation as well as temperments! Out of 5 foals, 4 were tobiano, 3 colts and two fillies. One buckskin, two palomino, one bay and one sorrel. His foal's showed awesome natural athletic abilites, speed, rollbacks, sliding stops and a competitive nature! Everything we look for in our foal and hoped for. We are thrilled with Justin and are expecting great things from his foals!
2012 Deep gold palomino tobiano filly by Justin and an AQHA Buckskin mare.  Both eyes are partial blue with black eyeliner! Pictured below as a 5 yr old.
2012 Buckskin tobiano colt by Justin and a smokey black tobiano mare at less than 4 hours old. Updated picture of this colt @ 5 months old below
Foaled 4-9-2012 palomino tobiano colt by Justin and an APHA sorrel tovero mare at less than 2 hours old, this boy is just too cute and sweet!  Both eyes are blue.
2012 Bay filly by Justin and a solid APHA Sorrel mare at less than 4 days old. This filly is already practicing her rollbacks and turns. She really loves to run too!!! Updated pic of this filly at 3yrs old below

2012 -Justin did also have a massively huge sorrel tovero colt foaled on April 1, 2012 by our sorrel overo mare BG, however due to the massive size of the foal, it was a very difficult for her to give birth and we lost this colt during the delivery. RIP Baby boy!!! (we chose not to show picture of him as it might be too upsetting for most to view)
Breaking News! Justin's first daughter just won 1st place in Amature mares 2 and under and 2nd place in Open Yearling mares at THE HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW 2013! This filly competed with some of the top halter babies out there and this was only her second time to be shown! A HUGE congrats to her and her owner, Melissa!! WTG!!!
2013 Buckskin colt by Justin and a palomino mare at a few months old and already learning obstacles!
2017 Buckskin tobiano Filly by Justin and a solid grulla  AQHA mare.